Monday, November 16, 2009

Welcome to Tuesday Tea for Two:

Today is , TUESDAY TEA FOR TWO, at my dear friend  Paper Princess, a.k.a./ Silken Purse's, The Plumed Pen blog. You are warmly invited to partake. We have been friends for close to four decades, and in later years have very much enjoyed the serving of numerous Afternoon Teas, each in our own coastal reagion of Canada.., How sad though, that we have never been able to attend each other's Splosh  Splashes!  Here is the link to her website where you will find information on how to join us for our little blogging tea party..,

 Today in my end of the world it is raining to beat the band, and the wind is blowing up a tempest! Since I am unable to be with you in person, I am going to imagine that we are all together at the Paper Princess's  cozy bed and breakfast, seated comfotably in her lavish living room, each of us craddling a steaming cup of delicious, steaming, fragrant "rosie-lee", (the Cockney name for our favorite warm beverage).  Aren't the scones delicious!  I do believe they are the best I have eever tasted!  Please do come to our blogging Tea Party.  You would be as welcomed as a sunny day in Vancouver!   


  1. So very glad you could join us today, my dear Scone Queen for TUESDAY TEA FOR TWO!..,GREAT POST.


  2. Sounds pretty delightful to me. I would love to have tea with you and your rain.

  3. I enjoy sips of tea on a rainy day. It makes for such a relecting time. Thank you for allowing me to join in with your tea and rainy day.

  4. Such pretty blue dishes. Mmm, the scones are making my mouth water. Have a lovely day.