Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Another cake Decoerating Course; Tuesday Tea Time:

 Welcome!.., I'm so delighted that you came by to share a cup of Rosey Lee and some cake my friends! 

Tea and 'cake' anyone?

Some fresh cherries as well, perhaps?.., Yum!

Last Monday Night I completed my second Wilton Cake Decorating Course.  It was Fondant and Gum Paste Decorating.  My!  What fun and excitement!  I just wanted to share with you my final cake, which I must confess was a fake cake made of Styrofoam!  I couldn't countenance putting a real cake under fondant and gum paste I had been working on for an entire month.  It hardly seemed right since I am sure it wouldn't have been too sanitary!   But I am pleased with the final outcome, especially the roses.  I am, dear readers, a wee bit dyslexic, and it takes a lot of effort for me to learn from written instructions.  Thus, the roses, which we had to learn from copiously reading our text books, were quite a challenge. 

The good news is, that in my fumbling about, I actually created a rose quite different from the one being taught in the book.  It is a tighter rose and more streamlined than the lovelyfrilly one  in the Wilton Book.  Truth is I like them both, and am so glad that my struggle created something quite lovely.  Of course it was also quite exciting for me to finally "get" what the book was illustrating, after much effort. 

I do hope you enjoy the pictures.  I value your comments as well. ~ May I encourage you to take the Wilton courses.  They are accessible to just about anyone.  One thing that kept me from taking the plunge was the fact the that cost of the course is not advertised.  I took this to mean that it would be prohibitive, but in fact the cost of the actual course is quite minimal, and I even got 50% off of the original cost of it. What adds up is the cost of materials, but if you are truly interested in cake decorating, it is an investment that bring forth many positive dividends and will last you for years and years.  As for the courses' difficulty, If I can do them, anyone can.  The fondant and gum paste course is just wonderful and working with those materials is magical. ~ Try it! ~ I know you will be delighted with the skills you will easily acquire. 

I love hearing from you  dear blog friends, so kindly leave a comment..,

Hugs from Scone Queen