Saturday, November 28, 2009

Tea for One Hundred and Sevety-Three. Oh,my, oh me!

In reference to my last blog entry, one hundred and three rhymed  with Tea, but as I counted numbers it was actually one hundred and sevetny-three.  Wonderful!  It still rhymes so I'll go with it.  Last minute stragglers are starting to come in, so my wish is that the number stays still rhyming, so 183 or 193, or 203 would be great, as long as we know far enough in advance to prepare enough food.  

Yesterday, we started the decorating and things are beginning to look a lot like Christmas at Broadmoor Baptist Church.  It is hard to get really detailed pictures with my little camera, but I will try.  The other problem is that I get so distracted with the details that I don't remember to take the camera out!  I get too busy living life to photograph it!  I am very fortunate that I have at my disposal a gifted interior decorator who goes to our church and who is just a wonderful person with whom to work.  Because she is working with materials the church has, and has had for several years, she is somewhat limited in what she can do, but she is managing to pull several delightful rabbits out of her interior decorating "hat", and I am quite pleased.  Then of course, the rest of my Tea committee is so helpful and dedicated.  It is all boding well for the upcoming event, but I must admitt I will be glad to get to the end of it all, and make it a wonderful memory.  

To my American friends,  I hope that your Thanksgiving was wonderful and that you survived Black Friday with aplomp!  Here in Canada, we celeberate Thanksgiving in October, but on American Thanksgiving, I did manage to celebrate "Turkey Day" as we prepared  an early "Christmas Dinner" for the ESL students who attend classes at Broadmoor where I am blessed to teach one of the advanced groups. My students sang "In the Bleak Mid-Winter" as part of the progrram for the event, and I think they performed quite admirably. Alas, and alack, though I succombed to my tendancy to not get pictures! Oh, well!  I am sure I will get a lot more photo-centric now that I am trying to blog on a regular basis.  Anyway dear trolleyites, I wish you well in your own dleightful festive adventures and endeavors.  In the words of one of Charles Dicken's immortal characters, "God Bless Us, Everyone!"     



  1. Oh I love polka dots. That is so pretty.

  2. Just found you sight by visiting Sweet Bee Cottage. I've become a follower. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the polka dot dishes.


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    Thanks & Congrats!