Sunday, September 26, 2010

Returning to Blogland yet again! Thank You for your Kind thoughts and Patience!

Dear Blog Friends,

Project Cake With Buttercream Roses and Roayl Icing Drop Flowers
Here I am again, finally!  There have been so many impediments to my being ab le to blog lately, but I am hoping that things will settle down soon and I can get back to it with some regularity.  My health, and the health of one dear to me have been sorely challenged lately, but I see a light at the end of the proverbial tunnel, and I am hoping against hope it is not an on-coming train!  Al  joikng aside, precious friends, may I say that I have so appreciated your kind comments on my blog lately.  I have been instructed and truth be known, ORDERED by my doctor to do one of two things only in the past several weeks.  Due to a very nasty break-down of the skin tissue on my leg and foot, I have been told to either walk, or elevate my legs above my heart.  Of course, I had already started taking a course in cake decorating that required that I sit with my legs down for two hours plus and my legs continued, because of this to get worse and worse.  So my time at the computer had tobe curtailed and thus, I have not been able to blog!  My I have missed it and have longed to be back at it! It has been a very boring and long several weeks . Coincidental to that, my dear dog Charlie had to undergo extensive surgery on both of his back legs, as he managed, poor pup, to completely desimate the cruciate ligaments in both legs; first the right leg, followed by 8 weeks of intensive rehabilitation, and then almost immediately after that damage to the left leg, requiring surgery and a FURTHER eight weeks of recuperation.  Poor, poor boy!  But last Tuesday he finally received a conditional good bill of health.  There was significant fear that the right leg had not been corrected properly, and might require another operation, but it looks as if, for now at least, the leg has strengthened and may not require additional and expensive surgery.  Thank goodness for Vet insurance! Meanwhile, in the middle of all that muddle, my legs decided to misbehave, and the sdubsequent decision to bombard me with both topical and oral anti-biotics has left me a bit worse for wear! But, all seems to be resolving nicely, fianlly and I want to share with you the pictures of my final cake project. The roses are far from perfect, but considering that I had just learned to make them, 15 minutes prior to putting them on the cake, I was quite pleased with them! I know where I went wrong with them, and more practice will result in better technique, and hopefully better roses!  So here is the picture of my final project cake.  It tasted DELICIOUS!  And really, isn't that what its all about in the long-run anyway!      
Drop Flowers made from Royal Icing

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  1. Oh dear, do take it easy and feel better soon! Your cakes are lovely!